History and location of Ordrupgaarden

The property Ordrupgaarden is located in Ordrup in the Greater Copenhagen area approximately 12 km from the center. The building is situated between the streets Ordrupvej, Holmegårdsvej and Ellensvej. It was designed by architects Erik and Christian Holst and constructed in 1940 by engineers Erik Ishøy and Waldemar Oelsner. The building is constructed with - for that time - a unique iron concrete construction providing state-of-the-art heat and sound insulation. The property consists of 10 main stairwells with access to 88 apartments of which 10 on the ground level serve as shops. The structure consists of a main building and two attached side buildings. The main building has five stories and faces Ordrupvej. The part facing Holmegårdsvej is four stories and that facing Ellensvej is three stories. The majority of the apartments have a balcony facing either the courtyard or the street. The apartments consist of one to five rooms, and all have kitchen and bath facilities. Uppermost apartments in the main building have two floors with access to the rear fire gangway on the top floor. Each apartment comes with a storage room in the basement. The property is continuously undergoing modernization and renewal in order to comply with the latest building regulations and to maintain its attractiveness.

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Directions to Ordrupgaarden

Property amenities include among others:

  • Shared laundry room with two washing machines and two drying tumblers, all coin-operated
  • Two communal drying rooms in the basement
  • Large communal bicycle storage area
  • Beautiful communal garden with playground facilities, garden furniture, barbecue and clothesline
  • Toilet access from the garden
  • Parking is possible around the entire property including Holmegårdsvej and Ellensvej
  • Connection to "YouSee" cable provider which includes a basic TV package with optional Internet